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Speed Optimization$250

Using completely legitimate techniques, I will get your website speed score up to 85+ with absolutely no blackhat techniques involved. The scores you will see will be TRUE scores and not techniques that trick speed tests to get you fake scores.

Our techniques and results have been featured and recommended on the highly trusted YouTube channel: Ranking Academy: https://youtu.be/uU2J1F3Fx_c

Achieve Higher Page Speed Scores

  • Fewer HTTP Requests
  • Faster Page Load
  • Increased SEO Ranking
  • Increased Ad Quality Scores
  • More visitor retention
  • Increased Conversions

Every step from beginning to end will be documented and reported with a detailed report along with a video report explaining every step to help you understand how your website was optimized. This will allow you to be knowledgeable of the process and also super helpful when explaining and reporting to a client.

Think of this as a service AND a learning experience that can help you optimize websites yourself in the future and present with confidence to your client. We are a digital marketing agency and have access to premium WordPress plugins, that we will use to optimize your website and give lifetime access to.

Key Optimization I will deliver:
  1. Minify JavaScript & CSS
  2. Optimize images
  3. Minify CSS
  4. Avoid bad requests
  5. Avoid landing page redirects
  6. Defer parsing of JavaScript
  7. Enable compression
  8. Leverage browser caching
  9. Minimize redirects (VERY IMPORTANT)
  10. Serve scaled images
  11. Setup CDN (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, but optional)
  12. Minify JavaScript and CSS
  13. Make fewer HTTP requests
  14. Optimize JavaScript Execution without breaking website functionality (VERY IMPORTANT)

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  • 1xSpeed Optimization$250

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